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Peak Design Capture Clip is an awesome way to quickly be hands-free from your camera. I use it for my GoPro action camera to capture first-person perspective videos and to mount my DSLR when I’m not using a sling.

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It was a cloudy morning but that just added some moodiness to my photos. It looked like it was going to rain out in the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ve been using my GoPro lately to capture videos of me walking and photographing on the go. It captures my view along with my camera in the shot a few times. I mount the GoPro on my Peak Design – Capture which is on my Peak Design EveryDay Sling Bag or EveryDay Backpack.

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In the video below, I went walking on Hollywood Beach to take some photos of the beach shoreline. I was using my EveryDay Sling to carry an extra lens and accessories. You can see my Nikon DSLR along with a Peak Design tripod plate, BlackRapid Strap, and Misift Vapor Smartwatch.




The beach had quite a lot of seaweed all along the shore. This is usually not the case for this beach in the past.

I love watching the shorebirds waiting for food to come up along the shore. They are always so entertaining. They are very aware of their surroundings. They quickly move as someone comes close to them.


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